Animal Care bvba - Vets small and large domestic animals

At our practice we have three ultrasound devices. One is a very large device which renders very sharp images but cannot be moved. Therefore, this device is especially destined to pets. The other two devices are movable and can therefore be deployed with horses, cattle, sheep etc.

An endoscope is a flexible fibreglass tube which enables us to check the inside of certain organs through a light source and a lens.

Our endoscope is so thin (9 mm) that it allows us to look into the stomach of even small dogs in order to see if they have swallowed an object or to track stomach and intestinal diseases.

A microscope allows us to investigate tissues we collect with the endoscope or with a thin needle biopsy during an examination.

To do this, we puncture a tumour for example with a thin needle and after colouring the collected material we can already get an idea about the nature of the tumour and its malignancy.

If you want to keep your pet healthy it is really important to have its teeth checked. Just like yourself, your animal needs to go the “dentist” regularly. A regular check (every two years) of your animal´s teeth is no unnecessary luxury.

The radiography device allows us to track plenty of disorders in your pet, ranging from broken bones to tumours.

We have the disposal of a digital radiography device which allows for the images to be shown directly on the screen of a laptop, without the need of developing them.