Animal Care bvba - Vets small and large domestic animals


A tick quests in grass stems or low brushes for a passing host and latches on to it when it passes by. Once on the animal, the tick crawls to a spot where the skin is at its thinnest and firmly bites itself onto its host. It embeds itself into the skin, as it were. By sucking blood, the females can grow to a length of up to a centimetre.

The number of families in which cats are a real part of the household grows every day. Therefore, it is obvious that the quality of care for these pets equals that of humans. Just as you have your child regularly checked by a paediatrician, your favourite pet, younger or older cat should be regularly checked by a veterinarian.

Weight monitoring

Your animal´s weight is a key factor in the evolution of osteoarthritis. Obesity causes extra pressure on the joints and thus more pain to your dog. Your vet can help you control the weight of your pet. He can give you advice in choosing a special diet.

Diabetes is a disruption of the sugar metabolism caused by the inability of the organism to produce insulin or to employ it effectively. It regards a chronic disease which requires an active aftercare during the remainder of the animal´s life. There are several types of diabetes. Not all types necessarily require medical treatment.

Despite the fact that experts have only recently shown interest, gastric ulcers in horses are very common. According to scientific literature and recently conducted studies 90% of thoroughbreds and trotters suffer from gastric ulcers. This disorder is also very common in foals.

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits also need their vaccines: the guarantee against infection by certain (mortal) diseases. In this case it primarily regards the typical rabbit disease, myxomatosis, and the more recent (and less known) illness, viral haemorrhagic enteritis (= bloody gastroenteritis).

These 2 disorders are caused by viruses and once the rabbit has been infected, the illnesses are normally fatal. Luckily there are very effective vaccines to protect the animals against these.