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Diabetes is a disruption of the sugar metabolism caused by the inability of the organism to produce insulin or to employ it effectively. It regards a chronic disease which requires an active aftercare during the remainder of the animal´s life. There are several types of diabetes. Not all types necessarily require medical treatment.

Symptoms which should alarm the owner

  • The animal drinks and urinates more often.
  • In an advanced stage of the disease the animal suffers from weight loss, even when it eats a lot.

Additional tests to confirm the diagnose

  • Comparing the animal´s actual weight with its standard weight.
  • Measuring the glucose in the blood (increased blood sugar levels).
  • Measuring the glucose in the urine (glucosuria).

Advice for the owner

  • Do not feed sugar or sweet treats to your pet.
  • Assure that fresh drinking water is constantly available.
  • In case of dogs, feed two times a day at fixed intervals.
  • In case of cats, the daily ration can be split up during the day.

Without a special diet, obesity may lead to diabetes.
Recuperating the ideal weight can improve the animal´s clinical condition considerably.

Diabetes is a serious disease which can be treated with subcutaneous insulin injections.