Animal Care bvba - Vets small and large domestic animals

Consultations and surgical procedures take place at
47 Meerbeekstraat - 3071 Erps-Kwerps.

The premises comprise a well equipped operating room, 2 consultations rooms, a recovery room, a radiography room, a warehouse and the administration.

All these spaces are equipped with the latest technology:

  • ultrasound
  • endoscopy
  • gas anaesthesia & monitoring
  • cytology & microscopy
  • operations
  • digital radiography
  • digital dental radiography
  • etc.

All patient data are recorded in our electronic register for adequate follow-up in the future.

For large domestic animals we have a fully equipped van which allows us to treat these patients on site. The van is equipped with a portable ultrasound, a portable radiography, a portable endoscopy and equine and cattle operating tools.

You can also come to us to purchase adapted feed and medication for the post-treatment of your sick animal.

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